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Packaging Machines

We are an unparalleled name in presenting premium quality Packaging Machines to our clients. These machines are widely used for packing various flowing and non-flowing material like tea, coffee, sugar, beverages and many more. Manufactured under the strict observation of our dexterous professionals with the implementation of cutting-edge technology, these machines can avail from us in numerous specific options in order to fulfill the need of our clients. Moreover, these Packaging Machines are stringently tested on certain parameters to ensure their robustness prior delivery.

  • Noise less operation
  • Power efficient
  • Longer working life
  • Excellent performance
Product Image (IPM-18)

Detergent packaging machines

Price: 450000 INR

The VFFS (Volumetric Cup Filler) Collar Type Machine is suitable for packing granules various applications like Pulses, Rice, Sugar, Suji, Tea, Snacks, Pesticides,etc upto 1 kg.

Product Image (IPM-19)

Snacks Packaging Machine With Multihead Weigher

Price: 1100000 INR

VFFS machine to pack product such like snacks , Pulses ,Rice ,potato wafers , Chips , dry fruits etc.

Product Image (IPM 17)

Preformed Bag Sealing Machine (Band Sealer)

Price: 110000 INR

This is a Semi-automatic Band Sealing Machine that is utilized to seal Pre-formed heat sealable pouch for low end production area. The offered machine can be supply along with Semi-Automatic Filling system in order to fill the product into the preformed pouches.

Product Image (IPM 14)

Electronic Vibratory Load Cell Weigher

Price: 175000 INR

Loadcell controlled weigh filler is utilized to fill and weigh free flows non-sticky material such as Seeds, Namkeens, Dry Fruits, Tea, Rice, Pulses, Sugar, etc in a large spectrum of consumer packs with highly accurate weight based system, ensuring high speed and easy changeover time.

Product Image (IPM 16)

Semi Automatic Volumetric Cup Filler Machine

Price: 95000 INR

Semi-Automatic (Flap Type) Volumetric Cup Filler(4 cups or 6 cups) is utilized in order to fill free flow materials such as Sugar, Pesticides, Spices, Pulses, Rice, Namkeen, Snacks, Seeds, Tea, etc. in pre-formed pouches in a broad gamut of consumer packs with high speed, efficiency and user friendly manner.

Product Image (IPM 13)

Automatic Honey Stick Pack Machine

Price: 400000 INR

Single Lane Stick pack Machine can pack Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Milk Powder, Ketchup, Liquid Chocolate, Jelly, Honey, Powder, Cocoa Powder etc.

Product Image (IPM 06)

Automatic Collar Type FFS Machine with Cup Filler

Price: 450000 INR

The VFFS (Collar Type) Machine is suitable for packing varied applications like Suji, Tea, Snacks, Pulses, Rice, Sugar, Pesticides, upto 1 kg. The offered machine can be supply with continuous sealing bar or impulse sealing for material like LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, etc

Product Image (IPM 10)

Automatic Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine

Price: 450000 INR

This machine is very versatile machine, which is suitable for packing any single object products such as IV Fluid bottle, Syringes, Chocolate bars, Soap, Cakes, Biscuits, Engineering products like Spark plug, Piston rings, Bearings, etc.

Product Image (IPM 02)

FFS Powder Packing Machine

Price: 125000 INR

This is the economical version of Form Fill Seal Machine, can pack Granuals, Powder Products such as Tea ,Coffee,Mouth Fresher, Spices, Salt, etc in a 3 side/4 side seal sachets.

Product Image (IPM 18)

Semi Automatic VNS Machine

Price: 150000 INR

This is a Semi-Automatic pneumatically operated vacuumising, Nitrogen Flushing and sealing Machine that is used to enhance the product self life. The offered VNS Machine-Semi Automatic Machine can pack any kind of Powder, Snacks food, Dairy foods, Sea foods, Dry fruits, etc.

Product Image (IPM 01)

Mechanical Automatic FFS Packing Machine

Price: 125000 INR

Form Fill Seal Machine is utilized to pack Semi-liquids, Liquids, such as shampoo, paste, oil, cream, Tomato sauce, etc in 3 side seal/4 side seal . All product contact parts are made of Food Grade Steel SS-304.

Product Image (IPM 12)

Semi-Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Price: 150000 INR

This is a Semi-Automatic Liquid filling Machine that is utilized to pack viscous products or any liquids in a perform pouches. The machine is fit for small manufacturers where the production rates are not very high. The entire machine is operated through pneumatically and controlled by PLC with MMI.

Product Image (IPM 07)

Automatic Collar Type FFS Machine with Auger Filler

Price: 850000 INR

VFFS (Collar Type) with Auger Filler is an PLC controlled intermittent Center Seal Bag making machine suitable for packing various kind of powders like Atta, Maida, Besan, etc upto 1Kge in a Heat Sealable Laminates such as PET / MET BOPP/ POLY or PET/POLY, Paper or Al-Foil laminate etc.

Product Image (IPM 04)

Pneumatic Powder Packing Machine

Price: 225000 INR

This machine is suitable for packing various commodities like Coffee, Tea, Spices, Powders, Mouth Fresheners, etc with Auger Filler, Volumetric Cup Filler and Weigh Fillers. The movement of the sealing jaws are operating through Pneumatic cylinders to get a perfect seal integrity.

Product Image (IPM 09)

Automatic Collar Type FFS with Multihead Weigher

Price: 1200000 INR

Automatic Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines (Collar type) with Multihead weigh filler (10 / 14 heads) is utilized to fill & weigh products such as Sticky regular, Granular, irregular shape material by utilizing highly fast and accurate method comprising multi head combination weighing

Product Image (IPM 05)

Automatic Multitrack FFS Machine

Price: 850000 INR

The Fully Automatic Multi lane machine, suitable for packing small sachet like Mouth Freshener, Hair Dyes, Shampoo, Detergents, Cream, Digestive salt, in a 4 side seal. The machine can be supply from 2 track to 8 track from a single machine to get maximum output. The entire machine is control through PLC with MMI.The Paper pulling is drawn by either Clutch and Break system or Servo Drive.

Product Image (IPM 15)

Auger Filler Semi Automatic Machine

Price: 125000 INR

Auger Filling machine is utilized for packing of Semi powder and Powders products such as Flour, Besan, Maida, Pesticides, Spices, Milk Powder, Chemicals, etc. The products are highly durable and features with excellent performance that can successfully handle variegaged non free flowing powdered products.

Product Image (IPM 03)

FFS Pneumatic Pouch Packing Machine

Price: 225000 INR

Form Fill Seal Machine is utilized to pack Liquids, Semi-liquids, such as Tomato sauce, shampoo, oil, paste, cream etc. All product contact parts are made of Food Grade Steel SS-304.


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